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21.05.2008 | TIRCd 1.7 release

Итак, нашим кодером была выпущена новая свежая версия нашего ПО IRCD - TIRCd v. 1.7.

Список изменений:
1. Rewrited kill protect system (usermode +K).
2. Added an exception for global opers to pass /accept list.
3. Removed /addline, /addmotd, /addomotd for security reasons.
4. fixed security bug in src/parse.c.
5. rewrited src/modules/m_who.c (for security reasons).
6. fixed tkl update notices for spamfilter.
7. added oper privs (oper flags) notice on /oper.
8. added 'motd last changed' notice on connect if short motd file included.
9. removed old flat-map option.
10. added restrict-map and restrict-links options.
11. rewrited /ircops output format. [r26]
12. added options -i -m to /ircops for global opers (-i Show idle time instead of server, -m Show modes instead of status). [r27]
13. added showing operflags 'O', 'o' to /stats o, /getinfo. [r28] (fix by dmage)
14. added prefix mode to /sajoin (Ex: /sajoin Lamo @#opers) and removed global notice on /sajoin for Network Admins. [r30]
15. fixed /sajoin 0 with mode is now not allowed. [r31]
16. added /ojoin command for Services Admins (Allows join channels with ~&@%+ modes). [r31]
17. fixed fatal !!!server crash!!! errors for codepage configuration block. [r32] (fix by dmage)
18. little tweak: changed message "Permission Denied - You do not have the correct IRC operator privileges" to "Permission Denied: Insufficient privileges", to not confuse some stupid users/opers. [r32]
19. /ojoin is now allowed to global opers, but override level for channel modes "+AbilHk" disabled for them. [r33]
20. added channel mode +x to restrict "channel ban list" from non-ops (can be set only by channel op or higher). [r34]
21. changed quit message from "Client exited" to "Connection closed" for infected by virus clients. [r35]
22. added postfix for local IPS. (patch by Stiletto) [r36]
23. fixed install of ssl *.pem files. [r37]
24. Feature to add nick-length config parameter. [r38]
25. added notify in /whois on umode +D. [r39]
26. removed old /nochan command due to old and buggy not useful code. [r40]
27. removed postfix user notice, if real hostname resolved. [r41]
28. removed old /akill, /rakill, /unkline, /unzline depreciated commands. [r42]
29. added 'allow-userhost-change' option to /stats S output. [r43]
30. fix for DCC if local_postfix is enabled (RAW 001). [r44]
31. allowed remote /names for global opers. [r45]
32. allowed setting usermode 'x' for opers from local ip, if no-hide-local option enabled. [r46]
33. changed RAW 001 message from "Welcome to the %s IRC Network %s!%s@%s" to "Welcome to the %s Internet Relay Chat Network %s!%s@%s" for some clients to fix dcc problems. [r47]
34. fixed RAW 001 for real local hostname, if local postfix enabled. [r48]
35. fixed built date (birth date). [r49]
36. upgrade c-ares to 1.5.1. [r50]
37. updated MYOSVERISON from -a to -rsp. [r51]
38. hidden hosts (+x) is now lowercase. [r52]
39. changed date/time format in webtv.c. [r53]
40. fixed error code 502 (ERR_USERSDONTMATCH) in m_umode. [r54]
41. added README-ENG, updated README. [r55]
42. updated Config script. [r56]
43. fixed whois output for services status. [r57]
44. some minor cleanup in s_serv.c. [r58]
45. fixed command usage notice on /botmotd. [r59]
46. fixed security bug in src/ssl.c. [r60]
47. fixed protocol sync errors. [r61]
48. added channel mode +P (hide part messages). [r62]
49. fixed built date for Solaris. [r63]


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